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Precious Metal ownership WAS complicated and expensive. We make it EASY & AFFORDABLE for you to buy, own, and sell instantly... with confidence.

Everything you need to manage your assets.

And we ensure that all your holdings are safe and secure in one of our independently audited vaults.

Confidently buy precious metals with ease. If you need to sell, we can help. Instantly sell back at the very best rate you'll find.

Gold and silver ownership.

Never before has owning gold and silver been this accessible. Create and store real wealth without the hassle and headache.


Is it possible to own gold even if I can't afford a whole ounce?

We make it easy to turn a few dollars into gold. We have no minimums or maximums. Own what you like and in the fractional amounts you want.


Is that giant safe in my closet, or the shoebox under my bed obsolete?

We get this question a lot. Just some friendly advice... don't store things in shoeboxes, our partners store and insure your metal so you don't have to.


Owning is great, but when I need to have cash in a pinch, then what?

When you hold your metal with us we offer instant liquidity on a fractional basis. Convert exactly what you need, in the exact moment you need it.

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Our software is so simple that people can’t help but fall in love with it. We're blushing over here from all the kudos.

    • I love that I can convert any amount of fiat currency into incremental amounts of precious metals at a click of a button! This is revolutionary!

      Rob Weger
      Anti-fiat Fanatic
    • Sound Money Wallet lets me at a glance see how much cash, gold, and silver l have that l can use to purchase more SOUND MONEY!

      Tony-Mitzi Waterman
      Multitasking Mogul
    • The Sound Money Wallet finally allows me a way to confidently convert fiat currency I earn into Sound Money. Now I own assets safely stored in a vault. I can leverage them, easily liquidate them in seconds, or I can have it sent to me.

      David W Smith
      Safe Stacking Expert
    • SMW is a tool, a toy, a best friend that is always by your side. There to help, easy to use, and fun to watch as it grows. It's a game-changer!!! I love you, SMW❤️

      Will Pastore
      A Craftsman of Personal Wealth
    • I LOVE I can purchase precious metals such as gold & silver from my phone at the press of a button day or night, so simple 😍😍😍

      Richard Hoy
      Bestower of Bullion
    • Safe place for your money, Make it what you want, Use it how you will. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

      Laurel Gilmore Barrett
      Enthusiastic Early Adopter

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your stack is, our annual plan has you covered.

One Membership... All the benefits

Experience the power of a single membership that opens the door to a multitude of benefits, including secure storage, comprehensive insurance, regular audits, and top-notch customer service.

What’s included

  • Up to $50k stored asset value
  • Have your metal shipped anytime
  • Instantly sell your metal back to us
  • No minimums, no maximums
  • Fully audited and insured
  • Many asset classes to choose from
  • Best buyback prices in the industry
  • White glove concierge service

Annual Membership Fee


Get Started

Store up to $50k in assets for free, additional value beyond $50k pays a simple .5% of the additional stored value annually. Cancel anytime.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will surely get back to you quickly.

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      Purchases can be made via Credit Card, ACH, Bank Wire, or cashiers check. Purchases made with Credit Card and ACH are locked immediately, prices for bank wires and cashiers checks are locked once verified funds have been received.

    • Do I own my metal and do you store it?

      The metal you purchase is yours free and clear. It is held in the vault until you request to take physical possession of it or liquidate it back to cash.

    • How can I get an account?

      Right now we are onboarding new customers very slowly, on a first come first served basis. Be sure to sign up for our beta and well send you an invite when it's your turn.

    • Are your prices competitive?

      Absolutely! We pride ourselves in offering great prices to our customers. Both when you are purchasing the item and if you are selling it back to us you can expect to be treated fairly.

    • How is my metal protected?

      The metal on your ledger is stored in class 3 private vaults which are insured and have weekly 3rd party audits to ensure your holdings are present and safe.

    • Will you send me the metal I purchased?

      Absolutely! Any holdings you have on your ledger may be mailed to you at anytime. You simple pay for the postage and insurance. We are only able to send you whole ounces, any fractions of ounces may be liquidated for cash.

    • How is my account protected?

      SoundMoney requires 2FA on all accounts. This can be done via OTP, webauthn (biometrics and hardware tokens), or even SMS.

    • I lost my password, or security token, how do I get into my account?

      Simply start a chat with one of our support team and we'll help you get back into your account.

    • How much does it cost to store my assets?

      The first $50k in assets are included in your membership. Additional storage beyond the included $50k can be purchased for just .5% annually to cover the insurance and storage. This is billed monthly and is prorated based on your max holding during the calendar month in which your holdings exceeded $50k.